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Université Al Akhawayn - Ifrane

Arts in North African and Middle Eastern Studies (NAMES)

Email : shss@aui.ma

TEL : 05 35 86 24 27

Présentation de Arts in North African and Middle Eastern Studies (NAMES)

Établissement : School of Humanities and Social Sciences : SHSS (Ecole des Sciences Humaines & Sociales)

Type de formation : Initiale

Type de diplôme : Master of

Discipline : Sciences Humaines et Sociales

Domaine : اللغة العربية – الأدب – اللسانيات- الثقافة- الفنون- تحليل الخطاب- الديداكتيك

Objectifs : The Master of Arts in North African and Middle Eastern Studies (NAMES) offers an intensive study of social sciences and humanities courses focusing on North Africa and the Middle East combined with an equally intensive study of Modern Standard Arabic. The program also includes the opportunity for direct contact with the realities of the field and with social actors and stakeholders. The program takes advantage of the school’s faculty expertise in the region, as well as their experience in teaching diverse students from North Africa, North America, and Europe who are interested in this field of study. The program is intended to address the needs of students who want to become specialists in this region by learning about its culture, history, economy, and politics. NAMES students come from different academic backgrounds, including International Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Anthropology, Economics, Sociology, Mediterranean Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies.


Durée de la formation :

2 ans


CONDITIONS D'ADMISSION : - Hold at least a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree (Bac+4) with the equivalent of a B standing. However, Al Akhawayn University reserves the right to review the academic records of applicants and to determine whether the academic credentials presented qualify for consideration.

- Candidates who did not complete a four-year bachelor at a university where English is the primary language of instruction must submit an acceptable score preferably on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Test System (IELTS). Information regarding the TOEFL is available from Amideast in Rabat. An institutional TOEFL test can also be taken at Al Akhawayn University

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