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Université Al Akhawayn - Ifrane

Arts in Islamic Religious Studies (MAIRS)

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Présentation de Arts in Islamic Religious Studies (MAIRS)

Établissement : School of Humanities and Social Sciences : SHSS (Ecole des Sciences Humaines & Sociales)

Type de formation : Initiale

Type de diplôme : Master of

Discipline : Sciences Humaines et Sociales

Domaine : اللغة العربية – الأدب – اللسانيات- الثقافة- الفنون- تحليل الخطاب- الديداكتيك

Objectifs : The Master of Arts in Islamic Religious Studies (MAIRS) is a graduate-level degree designed to provide students with an advanced knowledge of issues related to Islam and the role of religion in society. The program focuses on the study of religion from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities as well as from the perspective of theology and religious doctrine. Students select one of two tracks within the Master’s degree:

Islamic Studies, which is designed for students whose academic background is outside Islamic studies and who wish to gain advanced knowledge and study Islamic doctrine, law, and history with renowned theologians and historians.
Religious Studies, which is designed for students who already have a strong background in Islamic studies and who wish to gain advanced knowledge and study the place of religion in modern societies with political scientists and anthropologists.
As such, at the end of the MAIRS program, graduates will have acquired the tools and knowledge to:

Understand and analyze the role of religion in the contemporary global context;
Understand the origins and development of Islam since the seventh century;
Understand how Islam is situated in the 21st century global community;
and engage in sophisticated inter-religious dialogue both within and outside of the Muslim world.


Durée de la formation :

2 ans

Secteurs de recrutement :

Vocational occupations in pastoral counselling (imam, chaplain) and religious services; governmental positions related to religious policy, education, and cooperation; educational services; NGOs.


CONDITIONS D'ADMISSION : - Hold at least a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree (Bac+4) with the equivalent of a B standing. However, Al Akhawayn University reserves the right to review the academic records of applicants and to determine whether the academic credentials presented qualify for consideration.

- Candidates who did not complete a four-year bachelor at a university where English is the primary language of instruction must submit an acceptable score preferably on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Test System (IELTS). Information regarding the TOEFL is available from Amideast in Rabat. An institutional TOEFL test can also be taken at Al Akhawayn University

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